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Welcome to Rome, without boundaries of time or place.

welcome to Angetode, quality bed and breakfast accommodations in the heart of the capital, near the basilica of saint john lateran, an original comfortable envirotnment for an unforgettable stay.

Let Angetode (contraction of angelo custode) with its welcoming atmosphere and amenities take you under its wing and be your custodian angel in rome.

this home away home is ideally located and makes it easy to organize your outings and tourist visits.
Historicalsites such as the aventine, the oppian hill, the colesseum and the circus maximus can be reached on foot.

Welcome to this small paradise

Via Licia, 19 - 00183 Roma - accorome@gmail.com

Aut. A.P.T. 1049/OF2 del 02/12/2004 - PRIVACY

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